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Blackbook, Joaquin Simó

Blackbook, Haute Petite Micro Restaurants

GQ, Foodie Gift Guide 2012

Food Republic, Ruth Bourdain

Gourmet Traveler, Sam Ross

Food Republic Joaquin Simó

Blackbook, April Bloomfield

Food Republic, Isaac McHale

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GQ, John Besh

GQ, Donna and Michael Chernow

GQ, Andy Ricker

GQ, The Great American Bar Crawl

GQ, Always Get Invited Back

Esquire, Drink of Summer 2012: A Conversation

Bon Appetit, James Beard Bars, Pt. 1 Aviary

Bon Appetit, James Beard Bars, Pt. 2, Bar Agricole

Bon Appetit, James Beard Bars, Pt. 3, PDT

Bon Appetit, James Beard Bars, Pt. 4, Pegu Club

Bon Appetit, James Beard Bars, Pt. 5, Violet Hour, Talking Shop with Andrew Tarlow

Esquire, Drinking on Derby Day

Esquire, Drinking the NoLa Way

Food Republic, Hungry Traveler’s Guide to Morocco

Food Republic, Argan Oil In Morocco

Paper, Scout Designs Drinks

Esquire, Après-Ski Edition, Chef Michael Schwartz’s Guide to Miami

Paper, 10 Spiritscentric Bars

Esquire, The Man’s Guide to Scotch

Paper, Winston’s Champagne Bar

Esquire, Drinking on New Year’s, Butcher Adam Tiberio’s Guide to NYC

Paper, New Bars in Williamsburg

Esquire, Loving Egg Nog

Esquire, Best Booze of 2011, Chef Franey’s Guide to Seattle, Chef Rucker’s Guide to Portland

Food Republic, Seattle Bartender Robbie McGrath

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Eater, Pairing Cocktails with Food

Paper, A Shave, Shampoo and a Cocktail

Esquire, Drinking Like a Man on Halloween

Esquire, The Man’s Guide to Cider

Eater, Bitters: The Bartender’s Spice Cabinet

Esquire, How to Make the Perfect Fall Punch

Papermag, The Vault at Pfaff’s

Eater, Q&A with Jim Meehan, PDT Cocktail Book

Esquire, The Power of (Good) Vodka

Eater, Moonshine: The Hipsterization of Whiskey

Papermag, The Manderley

Esquire, Notes on the Gimlet

Eater, MIxologist vs. Bartender

Esquire, Why it’s Time to Start Drinking Mezcal

Papermag, Cafe Colette & Oficinia Latina

Papermag, Drinking with Ron Jeremy

Esquire, How to Drink Like a Gentleman

Papermag, The Beagle

Papermag, Bongo Bar

Esquire, How to Drink for Her (and You)

Papermag, Drinking with Zeb Stewart

Papermag, The Mondrian’s Raddest Bartender

Papermag, The Rooftop, The Likelihood, Rules for Beach Drinking

Papermag, Amor y Amargo

Papermag, The Red Carpet at Veuve’s 2011 Polo Match, Now is the Time for Gin

Papermag, Spritzenhaus, Summer of the Negroni

Papermag, Fatta Cuckoo

Papermag, LTO

Papermag, A Bar Crawl with Dave Wondrich, How to (Really) Drink Rum

Papermag, Lanterns Keep

Papermag, Five Cocktails for a Rainy Weekend

Papermag, Danji

Papermag, Theater Bar

PAPER, Raising the Bar with Anthony Mackie

Papermag, Interview Out Takes with Anthony Mackie

Papermag, Bar of the Week Travel Ed: Melbourne

PAPER, Beautiful People 2011: Siggi Hilmarsson

Papermag, The Andaz

Papermag, March of the Mollusks, Ten Essentials: Diplo

Papermag, Jimmy @The James

Papermag, Local 61, Ten Essentials: Humberto Leon

Papermag, Tacombi @Fonda Nolita

Papermag, Tammany Hall

Papermag, Q&A with Maxwell Britten @ Maison Premiere

Papermag, Hung Ry

Papermag, Norwood

Papermag, The (Non) Working Lunch

Papermag, The Drink

Papermag, Le Comptoir

Papermag, El Cobre

Papermag, Best of the Bar Openings 2010

Papermag, Weather Up Tribeca

Papermag, Idle Hands

Papermag, 1534 & Mary Queen of Scots

Papermag, Strong Place

Papermag, Beers and Bars for Sweater Weather, Ten Essentials: Johnny Iuzzini

Papermag, Forty Four

Papermag, Lani Kai

Tasting Table National, Norse Code: Noma

Papermag, Hurricane Club

Papermag, The Lambs Club

Papermag, The Whiskey

Tasting Table National, Real Housewives of Oaxaca

Papermag, Hot Bird

Papermag, Fashion Week 2010: Verlaine

Papermag, Eataly’s Il Pesce

Papermag, Xiao Ye

Papermag, Il Matto

Slashfood, Eating in Nola 5 Years Later

Papermag, Culture Fix

Tasting Table National, Well Drinks

Papermag, The Counting Room

Slashfood, Gulf Series, Pt. 3, Blue Crabs Contaminated

Tasting Table NYC, Stick Games  

Papermag, Lady Jay

Slashfood, Gulf Series, Pt. 2, Restaurants & Seafood Shortages

Slashfood, Gulf Series, Pt. 1, Freshwater Kills Oysters

Papermag, Spiked Milkshakes

Papermag, River Deli

Papermag, Aria Winebar

Papermag, Ninth Ward

Papermag, Terroir Tribeca

Papermag, Q&A with Lina Lecaro

Papermag, Drinking on the Fourth

Papermag, Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

Tasting Table National, Hedy Goldsmith

Papermag, Anfora

Papermag, The Blind Barber

Papermag, Happy World Cup!

Papermag, Dram, Mission Dolores, Iris Café

Tasting Table National, Booze Bible, Cienfuegos, Painkiller, Pies ‘n’ Thighs

Gourmet, Eight Great Street Food Vendors in and Around Miami

Tasting Table National, A Muse Bouche

Tasting Table National, A Valentine’s Year

Tasting Table New York, Night of the Living Sushi

Tasting Table National, It’s Always Boozy

Tasting Table New York, Cake Walk

Tasting Table New York, Grape News

Tasting Table New York, Ice Cream for the Ages

Tasting Table National, Feasts of the Divine

Tasting Table National, The Joy of Drinking

Tasting Table National, Hurry Up and Eat

Tasting Table National, School’s Out

Tasting Table New York, Whey Cool

Tasting Table New York, Cannery Row

Tasting Table National, Conscious Coffee

Tasting Table New York, A Brooklyn Star Turns Four

Tasting Table New York, Love in the Afternoon

Tasting Table New York, A New Breed of Butcher

Saveur, Thomas Keller Cool Under Pressure

Saveur, Readings for the Season, ‘Sauces’

Saveur, 2009 Saveur 100, ‘New Generation of Home Ec Teachers’

Saveur, Pumpkin Beer